ChinShine arix diamond segment is one of the best in China, the quality has been proved over 30 countries, such as European countries, Australia, America. We make arix segment for diamond core dril bit, wall saw blade, diamond blade, they are used for concrete and stone industry.

ChinShine Arix segments come with evenly distributed diamond particles within the bond. Its cutting efficiency is increased by 40% as compared with other Chinese competitors.


To meet customers' different demand on the Arix segments, we can change the formula according to the problems during cutting. For example, increasing the sharpness and stability or extending cutting life. The appearance of diamond segment and packing can be designed to customers' requirement, it is to help customers better selling products and make sure that customers can have smooth sales and use connection between our diamond segment and previous one.

We also produce arix wall saw blades, arix diamond saw blade for granite, arix diamond blade for concrete with handheld or road saw...

Buy the best arix segment for diamond core drill bit from China professional factory -ChinShine
arix segment for diamond core drill bit
arix diamond core drill bit

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Buy best arix segment for diamond core drill bit from China professional factory
Buy best arix segment for
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