Related Name: marble diamond saw blade, diamond blade for marble
Diameter: 16 inch / 400mm 
Segment Size: 40x3.6x10 mm
Segment Type: segmented, sandwich
Arbor: 50mm/60mm
Segment Quantity: 29 teeth per blade
Cutting: Marble from soft to hard, Travertine and Limestone
Blade Core: Silent and Non-silent
Custom Made: YES
16 inch best diamond blade for marble
Marble needs to be cut using the diamond blade made for softer bond. The best marble diamond blade is designed using a soft bond with fine diamond grits. This allows the diamond blade to wear at a rate that is complimentary to the hardness of the marble. If the marble diamond blade doesn't wear properly, the marble diamond segment could be blocked with debris.
After 2 years reserach and test the diamond blade in the China biggest marble base -Shuitou, we have designed the best formula for the diamond blade to cut all marble from soft to hard. The segments adopt best quality diamond crystal and metal matrix, good and fine concentration to guarantee smoother than the diamond blades from other suppliers.

In Shuitou base, there are over 80 kinds of marble come from around the world, such Turkey marble, Italy marble, Iran marble, and many more countries.

ChinShine produced this 16" marble diamond blade for America and European market majory, who would like the best and smooth cutting without chipping. We accept OEM order according to cutting different marble, the segment height could be in size 8mm, 10mm, 12m. The benefit of our diamond saw blade for marble is very sharp, no chip, long lifespan and quite competitive price.
best marble diamond blade

The marble tiles cut with ChinShine best marble diamond blade
smooth marble tile cutting with best marble blade

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