The Description of Vacuum Brazed Diamond Blade

Vacuum brazed diamond blade is the most sharp diamond cutting tools at present. By designing the diamond segment and blank, it could be used for cutting through a wide variety of materials. Just because of its sharpness and universality of cutting, this kind of blade is used in rescue for firefighters and has became one of the requisite tools.

We can produce vacuum bonded diamond blade of diameter from 50mm to 600mm. The blades come with a 1″ arbor and 20MM bushing and a drive pin hole for walk behind saws.

The Applications of ChinShine Multipurpose Diamond Blade

The purpose of designing this blade is for fire rescue and traffic accident for firefighters, so vacuum bonded diamond blades are great blades for general purpose cutting of nearly any material, such as wood, steel bar, car, iron, asphalt, concrete, block, refactory brick, pavers, brick, clay pavers, marble, granite, Ductile Iron Pipe, aluminium, brass, PVC pipe, plastic, roof tile, door lock and more! People can use this diamond blade on hand held cut off saws or any walk behind saw machines up to 13 horse power. ChinShine multipurpose diamond cutting disc is best fit with Husqvarna power cutter and other high performance circular rescue saws.

The Benefit of  ChinShine Multipurpose Diamond Blade

The greatest feature of this diamond blade is the excellent sharpness, fast heat radiation and wide range of cutting materials. By the shape of blank core, diamond segment and the layer of silicon carbide electroplated on the blank core, the diamond blade can abstract heat very fast. So it is applicative in fire rescue when the temperature is extremely high. The heat abstract fast and avoid excess harm to the people. Under urgent and unwatered circumstances, this blade can work without water. Of course, cutting with water will extend the life of the blade and lower the temperature faster.

How to produce a vacuum brazed diamond blade?

Firstly producing diamond segments, then weld them onto special steel blank core by laser. Laser welding enable steel blanks hold the diamond segments firmly and avoid any drop during cutting. After welding diamond segments, attach the diamonds to the segments/tips through ChinShine CSV vacuum brazing technology, instead of the electroplating welding used to manufacture other diamond blades. After the laser welding and vacuum brazing is completed, a layer of silicon carbide/SIC will be electroplated onto the blank in reasonable order. The function of silicon carbide is reducing heat and blank friction during cutting availably.

We Selected top-quality diamonds grit from Australia, alternating diamond segments with undercut protection, cooling holes, drive pin hole, slant u gullet, use can be both dry or wet.

Why do we take the technique of vacuum brazing? What is CSV technology?

By adopting vacuum brazing technique for diamond blades, the toughness of diamond can be exloited fully, every diamond grit receives reasonable strength, making the diamond blades sharp and durable. CSV is a new technology solely invented by Chinshine. This technology ensure 60% expose of diamond grit and no drop during working. This exlusive process leave 60% more of the diamond’s cutting face and edges exposed for faster, cooler cutting and significantly longer diamond cutting life. And the distribution of diamond in diamond segment can be designed optimally. Therefore, the blade can maintain long time sharpness during cutting and the chip can be removed easily. Compared with electroplated tools, the efficiency of vacuum brazed blade is 3 times higher, and it is 2 times higher than normal vacuum brazed products.
Multipurpose Diamond Blade for Rescue and firefighter

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