As we all know, diamond wire saw cutting is a modern and very advanced concrete cutting and separation technology. Compared with sintered diamond wire saws, vacuum brazed diamond wire saws are sharper than sintered diamond wire saws, with a better life and higher cutting efficiency. Compared with an electroplated diamond wire saw, sharpness and durability are not inferior to an electroplated wire saw, but more environmentally friendly and cost-effective, vacuum brazed diamond wire saw is gradually replacing electroplated wire saw. When the wire market is just emerging, ChinShine has been committed to the research of high-quality and high-performance vacuum brazed diamond wire saws for over 10 years.

More and more people use ChinShine vacuum brazed diamond wire saw instead of Hilti ,Tyrolit, Husqvarna electroplated diamond wire rope.

From the production:
1. The choice of raw materials. We in the processing of raw materials before the screening, unqualified raw materials directly as the day scrap treatment. In order to ensure the quality, sharpness, and service life of vacuum brazed wire saw, we choose high-grade diamond powder and metal powder, a scientific ratio. At the same time, we use the imported European steel wire rope, which has high strength bending and folding strength and stable cutting; it will not break when cutting, which greatly ensures the safety of workers.
2. Innovation of technology: ChinShine adopts 2.1 bead working layer, which increases the overall life of vacuum brazed wire saw and improves the cutting efficiency at the same time.
vacuum brazed diamond wire saw for concrete
Applications and advantages of ChinShine vacuum brazed diamond wire for concrete:
Our vacuum brazed diamond wire saws support cutting in any direction, at any angle, and at any thickness and are widely used in thick walls of buildings, bridges, tunnels, and dock renovations. There is no vibration problem when cutting, low impact on the cutting object, no micro-crack damage, and no impact on the structure and service life of the raw material. For example, the ChinShine vacuum brazed diamond wire saw is suitable for cutting heavily reinforced concrete. It is able to cut large and hard concrete quickly and with a flat cutting surface. Our customers use the vacuum brazed wire saw in very small places because it is very suitable for cutting complex cross-sections, can be partially disassembled, horizontal cutting, vertical cutting, and diagonal cutting can be; it can also be capable of cutting underwater 30-50m, the cutting depth is not limited, the operating environment is adaptable, and the operating efficiency is high, which cannot be done by traditional cutting equipment.

ChinShine is committed to providing our customers with high-quality and cost-effective vacuum-brazed concrete wire saws. If you have any needs, you are welcome to contact us at any time.
vacuum brazed diamond wire for cutting iron and heavy concrete

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